Wednesday, 2 February 2011

EVE Mac or PC..

In an interesting turn of events EVE-Online's FaceBook group (which is always good for a read) posted a thread stating that Mac Gamer is looking for a Mac using EVE player to write for them, this of coarse interested me as I like to write and these are two subjects that are close to my heart, Having been a Mac user for 16 years now and still going strong I have a deep-seated passion for the brand and its products, plus the fact I live and breath EVE I thought I might through my name into the Hat (after a little nudge from stormo that is).

Anyway this sparked an almighty debate in the comments that followed from many PC users that felt the need to bash and belittle my beloved brand, of coarse I felt I had to stand and defend the OS as did others as these guys either didn't understand what they were talking about, for instance one guy commenting that the Mac only had 4 games available theses being Sims, Sim City, World of Warcraft and of coarse EVE, or others just had an absolute hatred for anything that wasn't Windows. what some people seem to forget is that since apple launched the iPod its brand has come back from its decline and is now starting to challenge the top spot the Microsoft have held for a long time, the Key being apple produce there own hardware as well as the software that runs on it while this dose increase the price it guarantees user experience which Microsoft cant as they sling there software on any old bit of hardware that's out there which increases incompatibility and an inability to guarantee that things will work as it says on the box.

I have used both platforms for work and personal use and I can safely say without a doubt that the Mac OS is a much more stable and friendly, im not saying that macs don't have there faults because they do, but in general the good vastly out ways the bad, I will admit there are less game titles out there unlike PC but that is due to developers producing there titles for the masses and because the amount of windows computers out there outweighed the amount of apple, game developers pointed there games towards the windows platform, however things are changing and main stream developers are starting to come back to duel platform even more so now with the launch of Steam and the Mac App store making apple software instantly available and giving the smaller developer a chance to show what they can do.

As Far as the Mac EVE client all I can say is it works great the graphics run on full and I get to enjoy the shininess of all my ships and the detail on all the planets and moons, the only things that don't seem to work and im assuming this is because of the PC to Mac conversion is things like duel screen support or running multiple clients at the same time for alts however this doesn't faze me much as Stormo (who by the way also runs EVE on a Mac) and I work in tandem working together on tasks so running a second alt becomes obsolete..