Monday, 20 December 2010

S.O.S POS down...

Firstly I must apologize for my lack of posts over the past week, this has been due to a busy RL week and a situation that went on in our worm hole, before you say it i know that's no excuse but hey give a guy a chance.

So here we are minding our own business doing what we do best in our little corner of WH space, We decide to leave the wormhole for a short time to hit some complexes hard with the intention of stockpiling some salvage to make rigs and stuff with when just as we are getting started we start getting info messages stating our POS is under attack, now first we think its just a random bunch taking pot shots that is until we get the second one, thinkin this didn't look or sound good we started making the 17 jumps back the the WH, Now this situation had taken us completely off guard, I have been in WH's for over a year before we tried out Null and although we had ppl take the odd pot shot we never had a real threat.

Anyway being a bit cautious not knowing what was going to confront us on the other side the the worm hole i didnt fancy taking the legion in so i left that in high and opted for a fast interceptor, i jumped in and avoided the bubbles that had been set up and jumped to the POS and frantically started trying to online some of the defenses we had offlined to run the refinery, i was totally shocked at the amount of ships this group had in here shooting at us, never having been in this situation before we were a bit unsure what to do, we tried taking some of them on but failed there numbers were to great and ours to small, Storm and i stayed on till 6am as we tried different things but in the end we had to crash it seem there was nothing we could do to flip the situation.

we resided to the fact that we had lost this and nothing was going to change that, the best we could do was get out what we could without dieing, so first thing after DT i logged in, with no one in sight or online i started to empty the ship hanger of its content taking them out to highsec by this time the POS was in reenforced so nothing in the hanger could be grabbed all i cld do was get what ships i could out i was helped as other corp members started loggin in, to cut a log story short the POS went down once the reinforcement finished but as a last sign of our defiance and anger we decided to line up what ships we couldn't get out and self destruct them one at a time creating some rather pretty explosions, i should have taken some screen shots ;-),  anyway we weren't letting these buggers get anything we couldn't take, it was a rather sullen weekend and spent the rest of the week frustrated and angry out in highsec making pathetic ISK doing complexes lol.

anyway lets hope things pick up, we will have to make preparations encase this happens again..

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Ok So yesterday we had a Fail in our Worm Hole security, first was taking the wrong ship to the party  second was the party playing dirty and us not having the correct equipment to counteract there attack plan.

It all started with our CEO Taking a pot shot at a visitor that popped his head in our wormhole sending him packing, this must have enraged the guy who then later that evening re-appeared disturbing our mining effort this time with some friends, we tried to show some force by warping to the WH with a zealot and a drake where we were faced with our disgruntled friend in a Helios and his buddies in a hound and a Loki, I was unable to hit the hound that was munching at my shields due to his tight orbit, I managed to force the Helios to jump out then the Loki appeared this was to much for my zealot and as I started to bleed into structure I made my exit out the WH into highsec, leaving stormo in her drake who was finding the same problem as me and now with lack of support and the constant bumping of the Loki was forced to jump out as well.

Angered at our fail thinking that me might have been able plan that better we sat it out in a station making repairers waiting for them to get bored allowing us safe passage back into the wormhole, after the fuss had died down we made our way back and carried on with our mining plans, when in popped our disgruntled buddy in his Helios again, this time I planned to try a slightly more stealthy approach and try to make some bombing runs this time he had brought a Vagabond along for the ride and a catalyst, now I had never had the opportunity to try out bombing before but I had done a fair bit of reading up about it things like making your run with a celestial body in line ready to warp as soon as you drop the bomb and to aim for the centre of the WH rather than the player as your more likely to miss them if there not stationary etc.
now there was only me and storm and brando online and only myself and Stormo could fly stealth bombers unfortunately different races, this unfortunately meant we couldn't send the bombs of together as one would destroy the other, anyway brando had been toying with them drawing them close to the WH entrance then I started my bombing run this went off to plan and must have done some damage as a friend had to jump in to rep him, we tried this a few times but due to the time between runs and only 2 stealth bombers plus lack of bombs we had to call off the attack.

At this point brando cam across coms saying he was under heavy fire and that he was unable to exit back out the WH as the vaga kept bumping him off jump out distance, so quickly re-shipping I jumped into my legion knowing I had a good tank and fair DPS might get somewhere to killing the vagabond, unfortunately brando bit the big one as I arrived but managed to get his pod out as I started laying into the vaga, however this is where they started to play dirty as they had managed to sneak a falcon in without us knowing who then preceded to ECM me blocking my ability to target and keep the hurt coming, so unable to shoot and the constant bumping of the vaga to try and get me off my tight orbit of the WH, I called off Stormo from jumping in and made my exit for a second time and again waited it out in highsec till the heat was gone, by this time it was getting late so we logged for the evening

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I feel a Disturbance in the Force..

One Thing about living in a Wormhole is the lack of Local, this effectively renders the occupants unaware of any possible hostile force that could be present, this makes mining Grav Sites and killing sleepers a particularly risky exorcise knowing you could be jumped at any moment, Trust me we have lost many ships to this practise, your only saving grace is your Directional Scanner, with this you can detect any uncloaked ship within scan range, and now with the latest expansion you can add probes easily to your overview, probes of curse being the only tell tail sign that you have a visitor in the system preparing to ruin your day.
This Very situation happened to us last night as we were happily mining chewing our way threw a recently spawned Grav site when all of a sudden we noticed 7 scan probes out, after a quick shout out in corp. chat it became apparent it wasn't anyone from our corp., so a hasty retreat back to the POS was made and we both swapped ships and started looking for the owner of said probes, in many cases nothing comes from this as the owner is normally cloaked or sitting at the WH entrance ready to jump out at the first sign of danger, we did the usual of checking the exit while storm jumped round the planets hopping to uncloak the nasty beggar who disturbed our mining opp.
This went on for about 20 minuets, we would notice the probes moving around or catch the odd glimpse of him on directional and then disappear, he was in a cheater so we knew the chances of capturing him was slim as we could fly right by him and not even know as he is more than likely cloaked at some unknown distance from a celestial, when all of a sudden storm noticed him drop out of war 60km away from her near a planet, we had to quickly devise a plan of attack as we knew he would either cloak or warp off at the first sign of trouble.
So Stormo aligned to him and started burning in his direction cloaked while myself and Brando re-shipped, Brando in a drake and myself in a fast quick locking claw, the plan was for storm to get within range and me and Brando to warp in me to instantly lock & point him and everyone else unleash Hell upon our victim.
However the plan got sprung a bit premature when Brando in his excitement of the moment hit warp when Stormo was still about 30km away from the guy, knowing I was faster in warp and flight with a Microwarp fitted I followed in hot pursuit with the hope of being able to traverse the distance quicker and get point so he couldn't escape, as luck would have it our victim must have had his head buried in Map view scanning and not notice that his cloaked had dropped and we were closing in on his position, as I dropped out of warp I quickly got lock as I sped towards him and once in range I dropped a point on him, we lit him up like a Christmas tree and he was soon POD bound, I managed to point his POD before he could warp off and sent him home via or POD-U-Express service..
Happy with ourselves and the buzz of the kill still cursing through our vanes we collected our loot and headed back to the POS to resume our mining operations..

Incursion and a whole lot of shiny..

As Stormo will tell anyone it doesn't take much to get me excited about things in fact I'm sure she will be rolling her eyes and agreeing with that very statement.
My excitement with the New Update of incursion that landed in our laps yesterday has been with some of the little changes and fixes they have added things like adding new icons so now you can visually see the difference between an Afterburner and a Micro Warpdrive as it became hard to tell the two apart when it came to the Named versions when afterburner or Micro Warpdrive has been left out the name for instance i would always get confused between a "cold-Gas 1 Arcjet Thruster" and a "Catalyzed Cold-Gas 1 Arcjet Thruster" but how they have different icons its much easier, they have also added a green tag on the icon of faction items distinguishing them from everything else, little changes i know but its these subtle things that make a difference.
there was also some major changes to the Market as far as ships are concerned as in there now listed buy Hull Class ie. frigate, battleship etc so under frigate you will see all frigate class ships from assault frigates to covert ops, and now faction and pirate class ships to, so its much easier to buy and sell those hard to find faction ships.
My last excited Rant was over the new dedicated Salvage ship the Noctis by ORE industries, I'm really wanting to get my hands on one of these although it will have to wait i expect, as i noticed all the early birds had snapped up the CCP seeded ones and then re-marketed them at stupid prices ranging from 400 mill ISK up to 1 Bill, however as the night progressed i did start seeing them drop in price to 125mill still high but more reasonable :-) 

fly safe..

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

An Orca's for Life not just for Christmas...

So im back in a Worm Hole again and currently getting stuck into our new roles as Mining Director and Production Manager, our CEO has Set up a separate POS in here for production purposes and things are kicking off nicely :-), as storage space is limited at the POS, myself and Storm have Taken to Living in our Orcas using then as a mobile launching Platform for our ships and fitting abilities they truly are a home away from home :-) my only wish would be if they could make the maintenance Hanger as large as a carriers as its a little Hard to Fit everything in that I want for instance Battleships are to big to fit in there which means the only way I can move all my ships in one go is to repack the the Large ships and lose the Rigs, which is not my most preferred Choice. But that having been said this is one of my most favourite ships and one of the Most useful.

Monday, 22 November 2010

All Change...

Ok so a lot has Happened since My Last Post which is part of the Reason why I haven't been able to talk about it till now as I didn't want to tip off the corp. before I was ready, Any How the Big News is myself and Stormo have left Null and Back into the more familiar life of living in a Worm Hole.

This all came about when the Null Sec War between -IM- and -AAA- Stepped up a gear and a CTA was declared The CEO declared we all move an alt or clone up to 68ft with either an AHAC or Firewall BC and raised the corp. Tax to 75%, Storm has never really felt at home in null and was only really there because I was, Before now I had been happy there as it was a good ISK maker and I was starting to devise plans to roam local systems catching the odd Neut that hung around, However this CTA and Tax increase ment they were expecting us to go fly in big fleet Battles which lets face it is nothing but a big Lag Fest which takes the fun away, and now the fact it wasn't possible to make isk at all due to the enforced tax rate meant neither me or storm were enjoying playing the game, after a discussion we decided to leave and head to a former corp. mates WH system.

So the Plan was Hatched and an evacuation plan was put together all without tipping the corp. of that this was our plan, the fear being that we both had a large amount of assets there and didn't want to be kicked out before having the opportunity to get everything back to Highsec. 

It took a few Days but finally I hit Jackpot a C5 WH with a Highsec Exit this was good as it meant we could fit large amounts of ships through without collapsing the exit, with a way out found we packed everything we could I loaded My orca full with my hanger contence and more expensive ships while Storm flew out the Battle Ships that we didn't want to re-pack as they wont fit in an orcas maintenance bay, then started making the first run out.

We got one load out and headed back for the second when local lit up with a Roaming 15 man Neut fleet, typical I thought it just had to happen when we had found the perfect exit, so POS bound we watched as the gang came in and out of the system looking for targets by this time it was hitting Midnight and had only gotten one load out, finally we decided to make a run for it so second load all packed we ran for the WH making it through just as local started filling again, this was the bulk of our stuff out so we were now feeling quite happy we managed to make one last trip back this time in our pods just to fly out the last 2 ships and apron my exit of the system I dropped the corp. a email explaining our disition and reasons behind it, we then sat out in Highsec waiting the 24hrs for our roles to drop so we didn't get caught moving to our new home by any of the Highsec War targets that were hanging around.

Following our departure we found out another 4 members had left after us, causing the CEO to drop the tax back down to stop further loss of members; personally I felt he could have implemented much better way to raise corp. funds rather than enforcing a corp. wide Tax hike.

Anyway we have now settled down into our new home and getting to know the new corp. member for which we have now joined..

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Shiny Ship..

Its not the most beautiful Ship in the hanger hence the name i have given it (Ugly Bug) but it packs quite a punch with its 400m3 drone bay capacity, funky tanking skills plus some nice bonus's on the missiles the Gila is the Caldati version of the Gallente T2 Ishtar. i christened  this ship last night buy taking it into a heavy Sanctum Ratting with Stormo and it held up quite nice with a little help from a bit of remote repping from storm when it got a little heavy

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hidden Beauty..

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Carriers, things like what I would like to fly what race etc. this got me thinking about the Fighters and Fighter Bombers that you use as you main source of DPS these small craft that go largely unseen mostly due to there either being depicted at a distance as little crosses or crosses with coloured boxes round them, nobody sees them up close but when you do they are a thing of beauty.

these are ships in there own right not like there drone counterparts, I would love to get behind the flight stick of one of these bad boys and take it out for a spin rather than remotely control there behaviour and flight pattern from the safety of your command carrier, it would be awesome.

Maybe CCP should introduce some sort of game mechanic where you could personally take control of one of these fighters and fly it 3rd person style with the remaining fighters following your lead and if your ship gets shot down you return to the bridge of your carrier, oh the fun that could be had :-).

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wheres The Keys??...

I'm an avid Mac User i have been for a long time right back to 1996 when i got my first Apple Mac Performa which was eventually Apples all in one computer just before the launch of the iMac, My currant Shiny new Mac Book pro Plays EVE in all its high graphic spender however i have noticed a few things that let it down not so much because I'm running EVE on a Mac but more because of the way CCP port it from one platform to the other for instance Key Combinations, for the best part most of them work fine however there are a few that don't tie up with the ingame list which i assume is from the PC version, Most Notably is the one for taking an ingame screen shot, according to the key list its the PrtScrn button, the only problem is on a Mac there is no PrtScrn button :-( this is most annoying as i so want to be able take lovely full screen Shot of my Ships to make Wallpapers and such with. Is there any EVE Mac users out there that have gotten round this problem??

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gereral Ponderings while chewing on a Rock...

The Past week has been a bit of a quiet one as there havent been any alliance roams goin on, so i have been content on chewing on some astorids building on my nicly growing stock pile of Ores so i can become the Master builder i have always dreamed of :-) sitting in an astorid belt chewing up rocks give a man plenty of time to think about what Ship to train up fo next..

I have decided that my next ship plan should move towards a Carrier of some sort however my choice is not such a simple one as i really like the thanatos & Nyx but i also quite like the Chimera or even the Minmatar Nidhoggur, Im wadering if anyone has any thoughts as to whats the Best Carrier to go for or at least some plus's and minuses for each to make my disition and skill que direction easyer?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Life in the Void...

Or Corp hasn't been in null that long as we have been a wormhole based corp for little under a year and while this gave us some challenges it sometimes got a bit dull once you ran out of grav sites or sleepers. 
In null we are finding a lot more to keep ourselves busy, plenty of mining to be had, building stuff and of corse the regular roams that we go on or other neut roams coming to our door looking for a fight. 
I quite enjoy it down here although I'm not sure the same can be said for stormo but I think she might be coming round as she is starting to get to grips with PI and being able to inflate your wallet by running the kill sites, how ever one thing we are both lookin forward to is the up coming expansion in November with the ability to redesign your characters portrait, I don't know about you but when I created mobious I didn't spend a great deal of time with this featcher as I was wanting to get to the game part :)  however with the though of being able to put some proper thought to it will be a nice thing, I know stormo is biting at the bit to get on it :).

Fly fast & die quick...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First of Many...

After Reading & Enjoying many of the EVE Based Blogs using the iPhone App Capsuleer (Which is Sadly going to shortly close its doors for good) i have decided to start my own blog with a theme of my Life in Null Sec with my fellow Corp Mates and Soon to be Wife Stormo32 who also plays the game with me.
I hope to share our activities and adventures as they happen and also hope that others will enjoy reading and following them as much as i will wrighting about it.