Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Hot Drop that Wasn't...

Our Alliance Buddys have had some impressive and some no so impressive Success with Hot Dropping targets in Low Sec with a Black Opps ship and a fleet of Stealth Bombers, However this time things didn't go to plan and in the excitement of a juicy target we suffered an epic fail with hilarious Results and all captured on video.

Friday, 26 August 2011

ECM Death Star...

The ECM Death Star is a term I only recently heard during an Alliance Chat, a term which I liked and stuck in my head as it reminds me of my favourite star wars movies, this got me thinking back when Wormholes were introduced to the Game it was very easy to find empty one to set up Home in, However now its becoming increasingly difficult and has become common practise for stronger corps to take possession of said Wormholes by force, and an EMC death Star is the way they get a foot hold in your system forcing you to leave by choice or by force.

With the rise of these incredibly hard to kill strongholds a new trend has spawned that is growing at a fast rate, and that is the numbers of Capital Ships being built inside the Wormhole system its self to help defend against these beasts, When the corp. I was in first started living in Wormholes we built Battleships in there as it was a C1 class, thinking that this would be enough to take on anyone thinking of invading and at the time it was, however this is no longer the case it seems with the increasing demand for WH space the size of ship required to hold on to said space has now increased to Carrier and Dreadnought sizes, of course this starts to exclude some of the younger or less prepared corps because these beasts have quite a long skill que to fly and a lot of ore/isk/skills to build. I Used to hate the fact that a mining barge such as a Coveter or Hulk once assembled in a Class 1 couldn’t be removed, Now your looking at a ship that costs over a billion to buy :-)

It goes to show these days if your wanting to live in a Wormhole these days you really have to be committed to it to be able to stay there.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Battle at WOLF_K162 Part-2...

I will start by apologising for the amount of time it has taken to write the second part of this Post but I have been finding it hard to find the time of day to write it as I do love to play the game at night and work always gets in the way during the day :-) but I suppose I have to pay the bills some how lol, I will also apologise now if I don't mention names directly, I know you guys love to see your names in print but I have been warned of the dangers of putting to much detail into my blog posts, so if your reading this and you were involved you know who you are and you can feel proud to be a part of it lol :-)

Anyway the story Continues..

So after the alliance came to our rescue and secure the Wormhole exit, and for the time being and halting the attack on our POS everyone decides to call it a night with some of the alliance loggin off at our POS so they are ready for the next day, at this point I have to log to as by now its getting quite late and with the morning starting to get closer I decide I need to sleep.

I spend the next day constantly checking my evemail at work watching for mails ect. until I get home and can once again log in, as I enter my POS shield I see there attack fleet hitting on our defences at this point I realise I had left the POS guns turned off as I start turning it back on they leave and go back to hit and run bomb runs this slows down the attack a bit, during this time alliance members start loggin in and start planning how to move forward while I find the exit, over the following hour or 2 the alliance amass a huge fleet of about 40+ pilots willing to help and they then start to form up in a system or 2 outside the target system while this was happening an unwitting and slightly unlucky protious decides to come into the WH for a poke around unfortunately for us and him this collapses the WH behind him leaving him to die a horrible death with no way of escape, this unfortunately means we have to find the new exit and move the fleet there which again takes another hour.

Finally we get the new entrance and then the fleet in place and we start jumping ships in due to the size of the fleet this task takes a little time and the number of ships we have took 2 or 3 wormholes to get everyone in, Large fleets always impress me and this one didn't disappoint it was immense, I have been in other alliances before and none of them have impressed me as much as this one, (so a big thank you to everyone) so anyway with the fleet amassed and everyone on comms the attack on the invaders started, at this point I would like to say you guys from Endless frontiers had put an amazing set up on your POS as I think it was quite tough to take out, however with a lot of persistence our fleet started to take the mods out, the fight when on through the night with a few hilarious moments where the enemy came out of there own POS for it to shoot at there own members (its happens to the best of us) however time started to get the better of us and we were unable to get the POS into re-enforced before people had to start logging off this ment fighting would have to be postponed until the next day.

again I spent the next day nervously watching my mail while at work as my corp mates send out reports of things that are happening, and this is when I start getting reports saying the enemy would like to start talking about a truce and the possibility coming to some arrangement where we both stay in the WH, at first I like the rest of my corp were apposed to this idea as we felt that the trust issues were now to big to overcome however when I logged in one of our alliance guys brought me into a comms conversation with the CEO of Endless to talk possible outcomes and resolutions, and while I can stand firm with my decisions when its just faceless text, when its a voice conversation and you start to hear its not some 15year old trying to rule the world or that he's not the spawn of Satan but some nice guy my views start to sway (this is why I have storm she is the firm one).

the result of these talks ended in a cease fire and and guidelines being set out where we could share the resource of the WH without anymore ships or PODs being lost and although I know a few of the alliance members were unhappy about this decision (including Stormo who has now forgiven me) we finally decided that it was the best thing also meaning that people didn't have to spend another late night POS bashing which as we all know is a long boring process.

its now been a few weeks and all has been well with both sides communicating and the offering of help so although neither side fully trust each other, I think it will work out. So a big hats off to all the guys and alliance member who were involved as without you guys we would have never been able to hold the Wormhole or even come to the resolution we ended up coming to :-)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Incarna Inspired Banner...

There seems to be mixed thoughts about Incarna throughout the eve community some people like it others dont want it or anything to do with it, I however am not one of them, as much as it slows down the docking process and the fact i do miss spinning my ship in the station i also like the idea of being able to walk in stations, so with this in mind i have produced a new Incarna inspired banner for my blog :-) enjoy.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Battle at WOLF_K162 Part-1...

As you know Sunday we found out our WH Space had been invaded by a Corp Endless Frontiers picking fights with our join occupants Kickass and his corp Evenhorizon International. So Monday Afternoon comes along and I log in to find Eventhorizon int. had been given the option to die horribly or leave (they choose the latter) buy moving all pilots and equipment out, Endless Frontiers then started there negotiations with us by taking Pot-shots at our Tower and giving us the same terms as they did our friends.

I now regretted logging on early as none of my contacts that could give us some help were online meaning this left me little option other than to except there terms and start the laborious task of moving our stuff out. Neither Khan or Icehawk (our permanent Wormhole inhabitants) could fly anything except amarr Ship which was an issue as Cid had a bunch of Caldari vessels in there so I had to negotiate terms on letting Mobious in as he can fly most race ships, this was agreed and I started moving him to the exit location.

Once I was there strict rules were given to me by the enemy one of which was only being able to take POD's or haulers in, anything else and I would be shot and any deals to leave would be off ect. so still not happy with the situation I reluctantly started moving stuff out, recruiting 007 to bring his orca to the exit making the job quicker as there was no station in the exit system to unload in.

During this time Parious MeHoff (A Rare Murderous good guy) from the SORTEK alliance came online and contacted me, so I explained the situation and what I was currently in the process of doing, he immediately told me to stop what I was doing saying that he was on his way, knowing this would instantly cause our shotgun leaving terms to end I continued to move out the expensive stuff that we really didn't want to lose till our buddy was near the system.

Luckily because 007 was still at the exit, once parious was in the system he was able to join fleet with him giving him a warp to point, knowing this I hung back at our POS knowing what was about to go down, then Parious jumped in with the only communication from our invading force being "the War is on" (or something of a similar nature) he quickly started assessing the situation and within no word of a lie managed to gather a 15+ man fleet in about 5 or 10 mins all on there way to help secure the WH and show that Blood_Wolf inc. wasn't alone and that we had friends that weren't going to make it easy for them, unfortunately by this time the evening was getting late and the enemy had started to log off for the night, however the evening ended with our friends jumping reinforcements in to the WH and providing the remainder of the enemy fleet with a rather hilarious mass Wave in Local.

To Be Continued...

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Trouble In the Rabbit Hole..

The trouble of only being a small Corp. Is that you don't have a lot of man power to through at a situation, in high sec this doesn't cause a problem however in low sec or in a Worm Hole it dose. We got round this issue by teaming up with a rather friendly likeminded corp and sharing the resources our Worm Hole provides, this has worked out nicely as it gives us higher protection and more eyes to keep a look out, however yesterday someone else decided to mussel in on our plans by sneaking in while we wernt around and online a POS in our little haven.

In the past this hasn't been a problem we have managed to show enough force to make it not worth there while staying, however in this case I can't see that working as they seem to be quite proficient in the art of PVP, this was made apparent when Kickass and his band suffered heavy losses to them :( I'm not sure the diplomatic solution will work out here although I think Kickass is going to contact them and see is something can be worked out.

As readers of this blog knows we have had a POS taken down before and although this was a massive loss we made some unlikely friends out of it, up till now I haven't had to call on them for help but I think that might change as this requires more PVP skill and organisation than I have.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

"We Want You"...

Blood Wolfs .inc has now been operational for a number of months now :) we have settled down and got a routine in place :) PhoenixOO7 and his merry band has dominated the mining scene in the sector of space he wiping out belts with amazing speed, while myself and storm have been hitting the missions like there's no tomorrow resulting in getting lvl 4 missions with 2 local NPC corps the reason being so we can offer corp mates access to do some higher level missions without the grind of working from the bottom.

We have decided that it's now a good time to open the doors and accept some new blood into the pack and grow our ranks, hopefully we will find some keen industrial types who Wana join our merry band, obviously we will be taking it slowly and get to know people first as we don't want to fall into the same trap that we did with GAOW where we made our selves targets to infiltrators ending in the demise of the ill fated Angels,

Anyone wanting to join us feel free to drop into the in game Channel The_Wolf_Den and say hi.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011


I was going to write a blog on the recent turmoil and anger that some people are showing against CCP however it just turned into a massive rant, also some other bloggers like Rixx Javix from the blog eveoganda has put it into much better words than I can, I would like to say though EVE is a game and like any other game it will evolve and aspects will change so that it doesn't get stale and so it keeps attracting new players, people that don't like or agree with the NeX store or vanity items don't have to use it or buy anything from it, I do think the CQ could have been better for instance keeping the old hanger system and having a leave ship option rather than being dumped right into your quarters, that way it would keep the ship spinners happy :)

I have read that there are quite a lot of people unsubscribing from eve over this which in my view is a bit extreme, however if anyone that is quitting would like to donate any ISK or ships over to our Blood Wolfs Corp it would be happily received :)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Night all Hell Broke loose...

So last night I logged on to continue my quest with building up my missioning standings with several NPC corps so that I can provide lvl4+ missions for Corp members to take part in, when I heard there was an uprising of the masses in jita, this resulting in CCP locking the entire system down, stopping ppl jumping in or ever members logging on in the system. The reason for this rebel uprising was eve pilots showing there anger and disapproval of several things.

1. Something about a leaked internal CCP mail on how to exploit it's user base for cash.
2. Micro-transactions or in game purchases for real money to quickly increase your skills? Purchase Ships? Or alter your faction standings.
3. The price of vanity items eg. Monocles & cloths

How much of the above reasons are actually true, or propaganda from eve players that have misunderstood something they heard or read I don't know but the resulting anarchy was immense starting in jita spreading to amarr and then deltole where the systems were flooded by rebel players gathered outside the main hubs attacking the statues outside the stations, the scenes were amazing to witness as I have never before seen so many players in one place, not even in null sov battles.
In amarr alone which is where I was, there were 1000+ people all shooting this structure, the lag was awful but what I saw was amazing

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The Race That Wasn't :( ...

Sadly Rixx had to cancel the Death Race :( this was a sad moment as I was quite looking forward to it and had put Khan on an intense training session to get him ready, but it sadly wasn't to be, due to lack of players registering to participate, Rixx decided it wasn't worth the effort for himself or the players that had signed up to take part.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And the Race Is On...

Its Offical Khan28 has been registered to compete in Death Race 2 Bath of Blood, run by the eve player and fellow blog writer of eveoganda Rixx Javix.
Khan as you know is my number 2 primarily for pew pew, however since the last death race which he couldnt enter due to lack of skills has been training hard to get the max speed and maneuverability and deadly fire power out of his little ship, what he is flying will remain a guarded secret untill the day, so as not to give any compititon who may be reading this and information.
It should be an exciting race although im none to sure as to what will happen, it would be a sad day if he died 2 or 3 jumps in, however he has a few surprises up his sleeve and hopes to at least get past the finish line in one piece, maybe even win a prise or 2 although im not gona hold my breath. 

Thursday, 31 March 2011

If only Life was more like EVE...

Like many others who play EVE it becomes a way of life, I get up, I go to work, I come home and plug into EVE, im sure many can relate to this, EVE has become my life away from life, somewhere that can chat with my friends play and make virtual money to buy more shiny ships to play in, im also lucky that my fiancé stormo plays EVE to as it also becomes a way of spending time with her when I cant be there in person as my real life work keeps me away :-( well for the time being till I can find something else nearer. for other it must be hard finding eve time while partners and family are also fighting for attention.

If only real life could be as simplistic as EVE where if you need money you can go mine or run some complexes shooting bad guys or completing missions, where if you die you just wake up in a fresh new body, where your home is only determined by where all your stuff is, and travelling light years becomes as easy as using a jump gate, although travel in eve could be made easier as im sure anyone who fly's an Orca or freighter for that matter would know, the thought of jumping 34 jumps can fill you with dread and take just as long as actually driving from Bristol to London.

Some times its easy to forget its just a game, filled with other people also just playing, but that having been said, there aren't many games out there that I am still playing regularly for nearly 2 years, many are like an iPhone game you buy it you play it for a few weeks then never touch it again.

Fly Safe..

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Wolf is Born...

The time has come to spread our wings and try our hand at running our own corp. and as the angles has been beaten down to a handful of us Stormo and I have decided to start our own Corp. and low the Blood Wolf was born :-) that's right Blood Wolf Inc. is open for business, a few of the guys from the angles will be joining us as we rise from the ashes and we will try to increase our ranks as we progress, its gona be a slow start as the corp. wallet has nothing but moths in it but we are a resourceful bunch and although being an industrial corp. we have some big plans, so if you see us in your wormhole ninja mining your belts or killing your sleepers spare a though for the lowly Wolf trying to make ends meet rather than just trying to kill us ;-)

fly safe

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Offer of help from an unlikely source..

If you remember a while back our POS in a C1 Wormhole was destroyed at the time we were rather put out by this, well i say put out this is of corse a polite way of saying we were right P$@*d off, however undeterred buy this set back we continued to recruit and joined an alliance in the hep that we would have help should it happen again, however as you can see in more recent posts this didn't work so well as it seems they didn't like war decs, and we were politely asked to leave.

Well as you may have seen we recently ran into some grievers with the sole purpose of hassling us till the corp closes, well this has basically happened as ppl have left because they couldn't make isk, However this is not the reason for this post, the reason was because i was contacted buy someone offering help dealing with these guys from an unlikely source, a chap called Parious Mehoff from the corp (Member of the Galactic Collective), yes thats right the guys that took our POS down were offering to help us :-) i must say this took me back a bit as these guys were the last people i would expect to get help from, we had quite an interesting chat and although we didn't need help right at this moment they have offered to help us up in the future if required setting us to a blue status :-)

it just goes to show you can make new friends in the most unlikely of circumstances  and being an industrial corp having PVP friends you can call upon is always helpful, so cheers guys. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Golden Angels of War is closing ..

This is a sad day for me, stormo and metogo as we are being forced to close down our corp. Golden Angels of War, we joined Met as he is a good friend of ours and we have been playing the game together for a long time and have followed each other through 3 different corps now, the latter being a corp. that Met himself started, but sadly due to a greifer and known Corp thief called "Wisebudda" we are having to call it a day, for some reason because we wouldn't let this baby join our corp. (presumably to steal from our Wormhole Hangers) he hired a merc corp. to War dec us and keep the Dec up permanently until I presume the corp. has collapsed, this meant our members couldn't do anything without being harassed and followed, this sort of game play I find is just pure evil, even pirates that roam low sec or gank at higesec gates have more honour and respects than this guy, hell I even respect people that can flip miners more, after all lets face it EVE is a game and why do we play it? its because we enjoy playing, however stalking another player like persistent sex pest till they feel like quitting the game altogether doesn't have any honour or merit at all, He claims to be an expert PVP player yet all we have seen him do is watch our Wormhole POS and only attack us when we are trying to mine or in some other defenceless state.

So as this guy doesn't seem to Have a Life of any sort other than to harass us we have closed down our Wormhole operations and will be closing the Corp, Metogo has left the Corp to set one up with the soul purpose to hunt and harass this guy like he did us, he hopes to attract some good PVP'ers to help with this task and give prizes for ship kills and POD's that are successfully logged, So if there are any PVP players reading this that fancy hunting Wisebudda and any of his alts I suggest you Look Metogo up and get in contact.

As for storm and I, it looks like we will have to better our mission skills and stock pile some High Sec ores for production purposes.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

EVE Mac or PC..

In an interesting turn of events EVE-Online's FaceBook group (which is always good for a read) posted a thread stating that Mac Gamer is looking for a Mac using EVE player to write for them, this of coarse interested me as I like to write and these are two subjects that are close to my heart, Having been a Mac user for 16 years now and still going strong I have a deep-seated passion for the brand and its products, plus the fact I live and breath EVE I thought I might through my name into the Hat (after a little nudge from stormo that is).

Anyway this sparked an almighty debate in the comments that followed from many PC users that felt the need to bash and belittle my beloved brand, of coarse I felt I had to stand and defend the OS as did others as these guys either didn't understand what they were talking about, for instance one guy commenting that the Mac only had 4 games available theses being Sims, Sim City, World of Warcraft and of coarse EVE, or others just had an absolute hatred for anything that wasn't Windows. what some people seem to forget is that since apple launched the iPod its brand has come back from its decline and is now starting to challenge the top spot the Microsoft have held for a long time, the Key being apple produce there own hardware as well as the software that runs on it while this dose increase the price it guarantees user experience which Microsoft cant as they sling there software on any old bit of hardware that's out there which increases incompatibility and an inability to guarantee that things will work as it says on the box.

I have used both platforms for work and personal use and I can safely say without a doubt that the Mac OS is a much more stable and friendly, im not saying that macs don't have there faults because they do, but in general the good vastly out ways the bad, I will admit there are less game titles out there unlike PC but that is due to developers producing there titles for the masses and because the amount of windows computers out there outweighed the amount of apple, game developers pointed there games towards the windows platform, however things are changing and main stream developers are starting to come back to duel platform even more so now with the launch of Steam and the Mac App store making apple software instantly available and giving the smaller developer a chance to show what they can do.

As Far as the Mac EVE client all I can say is it works great the graphics run on full and I get to enjoy the shininess of all my ships and the detail on all the planets and moons, the only things that don't seem to work and im assuming this is because of the PC to Mac conversion is things like duel screen support or running multiple clients at the same time for alts however this doesn't faze me much as Stormo (who by the way also runs EVE on a Mac) and I work in tandem working together on tasks so running a second alt becomes obsolete..

Friday, 28 January 2011

Gankers Up the anti..

Over the Past few week with the run up to hulkageddon it would appear that gankers are becoming more frequent making it tricky to mine or even haul your valuable salvage or ore's about, this is most apparent in jita where the number of people in local has risen well into the thousands, and undocking from the station becomes the lag fest from hell, with hundreds of ships camping the station exit, to counter these unwanted attacks you have to start looking for alternative ways of getting your goods in and out, this comes in the form of smaller faster ships that can get away quick or flying something so heavily armoured it can survive the gankers onslaught until concord removes the problem, however the latter comes with its own problems as it would seem people that do this sort of ganking think nothing of loosing a battleship or two in the pursuit of a highsec kill.
Even pirates with a -10 security status who normally wouldn't be able to fly a ship in highsec without being instantly set upon by Concord have worked there way round the issue to join in the fun, as explained by fellow blogger of "finders & keepers" (always a good read by the way) although he didn't want to give his secret away, However I suspect his way round this is to fly in with nothing but his flasy red POD and use a neutral orca flying alt to bring in his ganking ships in and another to wait at the gate picking targets for him to warp to, this suspicion confirmed as he removed my comment off his blog shortly I had posted it ;-).

However im not going to wine and bitch about this sort of behaviour, as after all said and done this is a game and people play it however they want and this makes the game what it is and why I love it, there not cheating like people do in other games like battlefield where feckers hack the game to hide in solid objects so you don't see them till you see your blood splattered all over the wall, and there not using a bug or an exploit in the game to swipe your hard earned ISK and although some might curse and whinge and call them every name under the sun, and that dose include myself until I calm down, it dose create some opportunities that wouldn't normally exist, for instance I have recently found myself having some fun with Khan trying to swipe loot from under the noses of these pirates making a snatch and grab and hope I get away before they turn there guns on me this certainly gets the blood pumping and puts a little smile on my face if I succeed, another point to note is with it being harder to get ore in and out of jita its bound to raise the price of ore making our loads more profitable, so there is a bright side to this otherwise dark and tarnished penny

fly safe and fly smart..

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The New Face of Mobious28 & Khan28..

Ok so heres the final result of a few hours creating and then another hour of tinkering after they gave us the option to go and re-work our portraits, I'm feeling really good about them although i was a little disappointed there are no tattoo or scar options, although i do hear they are looking at introducing fetchers like that in the future

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And It Ends in an Almighty Bang…

So the evening Starts out well, We get a cry for help from some of our alliance members as a Null sec gang squad jumped them in there WH and proceeded to camp the entrance, we manage to get together 5 guys from our corp and a bunch of others from around the alliance making a good 20 odd in fleet forming up outside there entrance it took a while to form up and the enemy spat the odd scout out now and then to see what was happening, The fight was on we were ready and they went backing down.

the entire fleet jumps in and start locking down targets first we down a drake my little roaming Caracal punching hole in its shields second was a vagabond quickly followed by a Hurricane by this point the enemy decided to move 100km from the WH trying to draw us away but w went gona play that game a crusader jumped close then back out a few times until we took him out, shortly after the had decided they had lost to much and headed back to there home, we hung around for a while mulling over the spoils and planning the low/null sec roam that had been planned for that night.

Shortly after leaving the WH still feeling the burn of a good battle our fleet regrouped in the staging system outside a station in highest, while we waited more joined our group, and soon the space out side the station was a swarm ships resembling bees round a hive. We were all in cheep T1 cruisers namely because we had a habit of dying not always quickly, but i can safely say no one was expecting to make it back to the station :-)

the call was made and the Hunt was on off through low sec then into null, fully expecting to hit a camp of some sort but surprisingly we didn't, on we went deeper and deeper, it seemed when ever ppl saw local spike everyone hid, this went on for an hour the most action we saw was some gate rats and a bunch of unmanned bubbles, feeling surprised we hadn't died yet we headed back into low sec and sat in a belt advertising our presents hopping for a bite but still nothing.

some of the fleet disbanded as time was working against us, still wanting to shoot something we chased a shuttle back to a station and grouped at the exit waiting for death to strike and strike it did, first a flash red Megathron undocked, we laid into it knowing it was likely to be a trap we got it about half way through its armor when his help turned up, my screen filled with red flashy ships undocking and everyone was a Battle ship of some sort, oh and a super carrier which promptly started to rep the stricken ship, from this point the battle was short and sweet T1 cruisers popping every which way, well we got what we came for we pretty much all died but i did save my pod and my mail box started flashing with the insurance payout so all was not lost. A good night was had by all involved and even though i died again i came away quite pleased with myself, Next time i might try to survive ;-)


Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Wishes to all..

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I hope the jolly fat guy in red was good to you all :)

Our Corp is now a proud new member in the P R I M E alliance thanks to a fellow pilot we knew from null, so hopefully we can now avoid the situation we had a few weeks ago where we lost our POS, plus we can get involved with some alliance operations.

I haven't had much game time over the holidays as I have been spending the holiday time with my love and fellow eve player Stormo, but I did manage to get in on a bit of alliance fun taking down 2 offline POS towers belonging to a war target, we were hoping they might turn up to defend there assets but they decided to stay away, and although POS bashing can be a bit boring we got some nice fire works out of it which was quite apt seeing that it was new years eve, interestingly enough he dropped the war shortly after he lost these towers so its now safe to move ships around in highsec again :)

Fly Safe all and have a good new year