Thursday, 31 March 2011

If only Life was more like EVE...

Like many others who play EVE it becomes a way of life, I get up, I go to work, I come home and plug into EVE, im sure many can relate to this, EVE has become my life away from life, somewhere that can chat with my friends play and make virtual money to buy more shiny ships to play in, im also lucky that my fiancé stormo plays EVE to as it also becomes a way of spending time with her when I cant be there in person as my real life work keeps me away :-( well for the time being till I can find something else nearer. for other it must be hard finding eve time while partners and family are also fighting for attention.

If only real life could be as simplistic as EVE where if you need money you can go mine or run some complexes shooting bad guys or completing missions, where if you die you just wake up in a fresh new body, where your home is only determined by where all your stuff is, and travelling light years becomes as easy as using a jump gate, although travel in eve could be made easier as im sure anyone who fly's an Orca or freighter for that matter would know, the thought of jumping 34 jumps can fill you with dread and take just as long as actually driving from Bristol to London.

Some times its easy to forget its just a game, filled with other people also just playing, but that having been said, there aren't many games out there that I am still playing regularly for nearly 2 years, many are like an iPhone game you buy it you play it for a few weeks then never touch it again.

Fly Safe..

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Wolf is Born...

The time has come to spread our wings and try our hand at running our own corp. and as the angles has been beaten down to a handful of us Stormo and I have decided to start our own Corp. and low the Blood Wolf was born :-) that's right Blood Wolf Inc. is open for business, a few of the guys from the angles will be joining us as we rise from the ashes and we will try to increase our ranks as we progress, its gona be a slow start as the corp. wallet has nothing but moths in it but we are a resourceful bunch and although being an industrial corp. we have some big plans, so if you see us in your wormhole ninja mining your belts or killing your sleepers spare a though for the lowly Wolf trying to make ends meet rather than just trying to kill us ;-)

fly safe

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Offer of help from an unlikely source..

If you remember a while back our POS in a C1 Wormhole was destroyed at the time we were rather put out by this, well i say put out this is of corse a polite way of saying we were right P$@*d off, however undeterred buy this set back we continued to recruit and joined an alliance in the hep that we would have help should it happen again, however as you can see in more recent posts this didn't work so well as it seems they didn't like war decs, and we were politely asked to leave.

Well as you may have seen we recently ran into some grievers with the sole purpose of hassling us till the corp closes, well this has basically happened as ppl have left because they couldn't make isk, However this is not the reason for this post, the reason was because i was contacted buy someone offering help dealing with these guys from an unlikely source, a chap called Parious Mehoff from the corp (Member of the Galactic Collective), yes thats right the guys that took our POS down were offering to help us :-) i must say this took me back a bit as these guys were the last people i would expect to get help from, we had quite an interesting chat and although we didn't need help right at this moment they have offered to help us up in the future if required setting us to a blue status :-)

it just goes to show you can make new friends in the most unlikely of circumstances  and being an industrial corp having PVP friends you can call upon is always helpful, so cheers guys. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Golden Angels of War is closing ..

This is a sad day for me, stormo and metogo as we are being forced to close down our corp. Golden Angels of War, we joined Met as he is a good friend of ours and we have been playing the game together for a long time and have followed each other through 3 different corps now, the latter being a corp. that Met himself started, but sadly due to a greifer and known Corp thief called "Wisebudda" we are having to call it a day, for some reason because we wouldn't let this baby join our corp. (presumably to steal from our Wormhole Hangers) he hired a merc corp. to War dec us and keep the Dec up permanently until I presume the corp. has collapsed, this meant our members couldn't do anything without being harassed and followed, this sort of game play I find is just pure evil, even pirates that roam low sec or gank at higesec gates have more honour and respects than this guy, hell I even respect people that can flip miners more, after all lets face it EVE is a game and why do we play it? its because we enjoy playing, however stalking another player like persistent sex pest till they feel like quitting the game altogether doesn't have any honour or merit at all, He claims to be an expert PVP player yet all we have seen him do is watch our Wormhole POS and only attack us when we are trying to mine or in some other defenceless state.

So as this guy doesn't seem to Have a Life of any sort other than to harass us we have closed down our Wormhole operations and will be closing the Corp, Metogo has left the Corp to set one up with the soul purpose to hunt and harass this guy like he did us, he hopes to attract some good PVP'ers to help with this task and give prizes for ship kills and POD's that are successfully logged, So if there are any PVP players reading this that fancy hunting Wisebudda and any of his alts I suggest you Look Metogo up and get in contact.

As for storm and I, it looks like we will have to better our mission skills and stock pile some High Sec ores for production purposes.