Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hidden Beauty..

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Carriers, things like what I would like to fly what race etc. this got me thinking about the Fighters and Fighter Bombers that you use as you main source of DPS these small craft that go largely unseen mostly due to there either being depicted at a distance as little crosses or crosses with coloured boxes round them, nobody sees them up close but when you do they are a thing of beauty.

these are ships in there own right not like there drone counterparts, I would love to get behind the flight stick of one of these bad boys and take it out for a spin rather than remotely control there behaviour and flight pattern from the safety of your command carrier, it would be awesome.

Maybe CCP should introduce some sort of game mechanic where you could personally take control of one of these fighters and fly it 3rd person style with the remaining fighters following your lead and if your ship gets shot down you return to the bridge of your carrier, oh the fun that could be had :-).

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wheres The Keys??...

I'm an avid Mac User i have been for a long time right back to 1996 when i got my first Apple Mac Performa which was eventually Apples all in one computer just before the launch of the iMac, My currant Shiny new Mac Book pro Plays EVE in all its high graphic spender however i have noticed a few things that let it down not so much because I'm running EVE on a Mac but more because of the way CCP port it from one platform to the other for instance Key Combinations, for the best part most of them work fine however there are a few that don't tie up with the ingame list which i assume is from the PC version, Most Notably is the one for taking an ingame screen shot, according to the key list its the PrtScrn button, the only problem is on a Mac there is no PrtScrn button :-( this is most annoying as i so want to be able take lovely full screen Shot of my Ships to make Wallpapers and such with. Is there any EVE Mac users out there that have gotten round this problem??

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gereral Ponderings while chewing on a Rock...

The Past week has been a bit of a quiet one as there havent been any alliance roams goin on, so i have been content on chewing on some astorids building on my nicly growing stock pile of Ores so i can become the Master builder i have always dreamed of :-) sitting in an astorid belt chewing up rocks give a man plenty of time to think about what Ship to train up fo next..

I have decided that my next ship plan should move towards a Carrier of some sort however my choice is not such a simple one as i really like the thanatos & Nyx but i also quite like the Chimera or even the Minmatar Nidhoggur, Im wadering if anyone has any thoughts as to whats the Best Carrier to go for or at least some plus's and minuses for each to make my disition and skill que direction easyer?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Life in the Void...

Or Corp hasn't been in null that long as we have been a wormhole based corp for little under a year and while this gave us some challenges it sometimes got a bit dull once you ran out of grav sites or sleepers. 
In null we are finding a lot more to keep ourselves busy, plenty of mining to be had, building stuff and of corse the regular roams that we go on or other neut roams coming to our door looking for a fight. 
I quite enjoy it down here although I'm not sure the same can be said for stormo but I think she might be coming round as she is starting to get to grips with PI and being able to inflate your wallet by running the kill sites, how ever one thing we are both lookin forward to is the up coming expansion in November with the ability to redesign your characters portrait, I don't know about you but when I created mobious I didn't spend a great deal of time with this featcher as I was wanting to get to the game part :)  however with the though of being able to put some proper thought to it will be a nice thing, I know stormo is biting at the bit to get on it :).

Fly fast & die quick...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First of Many...

After Reading & Enjoying many of the EVE Based Blogs using the iPhone App Capsuleer (Which is Sadly going to shortly close its doors for good) i have decided to start my own blog with a theme of my Life in Null Sec with my fellow Corp Mates and Soon to be Wife Stormo32 who also plays the game with me.
I hope to share our activities and adventures as they happen and also hope that others will enjoy reading and following them as much as i will wrighting about it.