Sunday, 26 June 2011


I was going to write a blog on the recent turmoil and anger that some people are showing against CCP however it just turned into a massive rant, also some other bloggers like Rixx Javix from the blog eveoganda has put it into much better words than I can, I would like to say though EVE is a game and like any other game it will evolve and aspects will change so that it doesn't get stale and so it keeps attracting new players, people that don't like or agree with the NeX store or vanity items don't have to use it or buy anything from it, I do think the CQ could have been better for instance keeping the old hanger system and having a leave ship option rather than being dumped right into your quarters, that way it would keep the ship spinners happy :)

I have read that there are quite a lot of people unsubscribing from eve over this which in my view is a bit extreme, however if anyone that is quitting would like to donate any ISK or ships over to our Blood Wolfs Corp it would be happily received :)

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Night all Hell Broke loose...

So last night I logged on to continue my quest with building up my missioning standings with several NPC corps so that I can provide lvl4+ missions for Corp members to take part in, when I heard there was an uprising of the masses in jita, this resulting in CCP locking the entire system down, stopping ppl jumping in or ever members logging on in the system. The reason for this rebel uprising was eve pilots showing there anger and disapproval of several things.

1. Something about a leaked internal CCP mail on how to exploit it's user base for cash.
2. Micro-transactions or in game purchases for real money to quickly increase your skills? Purchase Ships? Or alter your faction standings.
3. The price of vanity items eg. Monocles & cloths

How much of the above reasons are actually true, or propaganda from eve players that have misunderstood something they heard or read I don't know but the resulting anarchy was immense starting in jita spreading to amarr and then deltole where the systems were flooded by rebel players gathered outside the main hubs attacking the statues outside the stations, the scenes were amazing to witness as I have never before seen so many players in one place, not even in null sov battles.
In amarr alone which is where I was, there were 1000+ people all shooting this structure, the lag was awful but what I saw was amazing

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The Race That Wasn't :( ...

Sadly Rixx had to cancel the Death Race :( this was a sad moment as I was quite looking forward to it and had put Khan on an intense training session to get him ready, but it sadly wasn't to be, due to lack of players registering to participate, Rixx decided it wasn't worth the effort for himself or the players that had signed up to take part.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And the Race Is On...

Its Offical Khan28 has been registered to compete in Death Race 2 Bath of Blood, run by the eve player and fellow blog writer of eveoganda Rixx Javix.
Khan as you know is my number 2 primarily for pew pew, however since the last death race which he couldnt enter due to lack of skills has been training hard to get the max speed and maneuverability and deadly fire power out of his little ship, what he is flying will remain a guarded secret untill the day, so as not to give any compititon who may be reading this and information.
It should be an exciting race although im none to sure as to what will happen, it would be a sad day if he died 2 or 3 jumps in, however he has a few surprises up his sleeve and hopes to at least get past the finish line in one piece, maybe even win a prise or 2 although im not gona hold my breath.