Monday, 22 November 2010

All Change...

Ok so a lot has Happened since My Last Post which is part of the Reason why I haven't been able to talk about it till now as I didn't want to tip off the corp. before I was ready, Any How the Big News is myself and Stormo have left Null and Back into the more familiar life of living in a Worm Hole.

This all came about when the Null Sec War between -IM- and -AAA- Stepped up a gear and a CTA was declared The CEO declared we all move an alt or clone up to 68ft with either an AHAC or Firewall BC and raised the corp. Tax to 75%, Storm has never really felt at home in null and was only really there because I was, Before now I had been happy there as it was a good ISK maker and I was starting to devise plans to roam local systems catching the odd Neut that hung around, However this CTA and Tax increase ment they were expecting us to go fly in big fleet Battles which lets face it is nothing but a big Lag Fest which takes the fun away, and now the fact it wasn't possible to make isk at all due to the enforced tax rate meant neither me or storm were enjoying playing the game, after a discussion we decided to leave and head to a former corp. mates WH system.

So the Plan was Hatched and an evacuation plan was put together all without tipping the corp. of that this was our plan, the fear being that we both had a large amount of assets there and didn't want to be kicked out before having the opportunity to get everything back to Highsec. 

It took a few Days but finally I hit Jackpot a C5 WH with a Highsec Exit this was good as it meant we could fit large amounts of ships through without collapsing the exit, with a way out found we packed everything we could I loaded My orca full with my hanger contence and more expensive ships while Storm flew out the Battle Ships that we didn't want to re-pack as they wont fit in an orcas maintenance bay, then started making the first run out.

We got one load out and headed back for the second when local lit up with a Roaming 15 man Neut fleet, typical I thought it just had to happen when we had found the perfect exit, so POS bound we watched as the gang came in and out of the system looking for targets by this time it was hitting Midnight and had only gotten one load out, finally we decided to make a run for it so second load all packed we ran for the WH making it through just as local started filling again, this was the bulk of our stuff out so we were now feeling quite happy we managed to make one last trip back this time in our pods just to fly out the last 2 ships and apron my exit of the system I dropped the corp. a email explaining our disition and reasons behind it, we then sat out in Highsec waiting the 24hrs for our roles to drop so we didn't get caught moving to our new home by any of the Highsec War targets that were hanging around.

Following our departure we found out another 4 members had left after us, causing the CEO to drop the tax back down to stop further loss of members; personally I felt he could have implemented much better way to raise corp. funds rather than enforcing a corp. wide Tax hike.

Anyway we have now settled down into our new home and getting to know the new corp. member for which we have now joined..

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