Wednesday, 24 November 2010

An Orca's for Life not just for Christmas...

So im back in a Worm Hole again and currently getting stuck into our new roles as Mining Director and Production Manager, our CEO has Set up a separate POS in here for production purposes and things are kicking off nicely :-), as storage space is limited at the POS, myself and Storm have Taken to Living in our Orcas using then as a mobile launching Platform for our ships and fitting abilities they truly are a home away from home :-) my only wish would be if they could make the maintenance Hanger as large as a carriers as its a little Hard to Fit everything in that I want for instance Battleships are to big to fit in there which means the only way I can move all my ships in one go is to repack the the Large ships and lose the Rigs, which is not my most preferred Choice. But that having been said this is one of my most favourite ships and one of the Most useful.

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