Friday, 26 August 2011

ECM Death Star...

The ECM Death Star is a term I only recently heard during an Alliance Chat, a term which I liked and stuck in my head as it reminds me of my favourite star wars movies, this got me thinking back when Wormholes were introduced to the Game it was very easy to find empty one to set up Home in, However now its becoming increasingly difficult and has become common practise for stronger corps to take possession of said Wormholes by force, and an EMC death Star is the way they get a foot hold in your system forcing you to leave by choice or by force.

With the rise of these incredibly hard to kill strongholds a new trend has spawned that is growing at a fast rate, and that is the numbers of Capital Ships being built inside the Wormhole system its self to help defend against these beasts, When the corp. I was in first started living in Wormholes we built Battleships in there as it was a C1 class, thinking that this would be enough to take on anyone thinking of invading and at the time it was, however this is no longer the case it seems with the increasing demand for WH space the size of ship required to hold on to said space has now increased to Carrier and Dreadnought sizes, of course this starts to exclude some of the younger or less prepared corps because these beasts have quite a long skill que to fly and a lot of ore/isk/skills to build. I Used to hate the fact that a mining barge such as a Coveter or Hulk once assembled in a Class 1 couldn’t be removed, Now your looking at a ship that costs over a billion to buy :-)

It goes to show these days if your wanting to live in a Wormhole these days you really have to be committed to it to be able to stay there.

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