Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Incursion and a whole lot of shiny..

As Stormo will tell anyone it doesn't take much to get me excited about things in fact I'm sure she will be rolling her eyes and agreeing with that very statement.
My excitement with the New Update of incursion that landed in our laps yesterday has been with some of the little changes and fixes they have added things like adding new icons so now you can visually see the difference between an Afterburner and a Micro Warpdrive as it became hard to tell the two apart when it came to the Named versions when afterburner or Micro Warpdrive has been left out the name for instance i would always get confused between a "cold-Gas 1 Arcjet Thruster" and a "Catalyzed Cold-Gas 1 Arcjet Thruster" but how they have different icons its much easier, they have also added a green tag on the icon of faction items distinguishing them from everything else, little changes i know but its these subtle things that make a difference.
there was also some major changes to the Market as far as ships are concerned as in there now listed buy Hull Class ie. frigate, battleship etc so under frigate you will see all frigate class ships from assault frigates to covert ops, and now faction and pirate class ships to, so its much easier to buy and sell those hard to find faction ships.
My last excited Rant was over the new dedicated Salvage ship the Noctis by ORE industries, I'm really wanting to get my hands on one of these although it will have to wait i expect, as i noticed all the early birds had snapped up the CCP seeded ones and then re-marketed them at stupid prices ranging from 400 mill ISK up to 1 Bill, however as the night progressed i did start seeing them drop in price to 125mill still high but more reasonable :-) 

fly safe..

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