Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And It Ends in an Almighty Bang…

So the evening Starts out well, We get a cry for help from some of our alliance members as a Null sec gang squad jumped them in there WH and proceeded to camp the entrance, we manage to get together 5 guys from our corp and a bunch of others from around the alliance making a good 20 odd in fleet forming up outside there entrance it took a while to form up and the enemy spat the odd scout out now and then to see what was happening, The fight was on we were ready and they went backing down.

the entire fleet jumps in and start locking down targets first we down a drake my little roaming Caracal punching hole in its shields second was a vagabond quickly followed by a Hurricane by this point the enemy decided to move 100km from the WH trying to draw us away but w went gona play that game a crusader jumped close then back out a few times until we took him out, shortly after the had decided they had lost to much and headed back to there home, we hung around for a while mulling over the spoils and planning the low/null sec roam that had been planned for that night.

Shortly after leaving the WH still feeling the burn of a good battle our fleet regrouped in the staging system outside a station in highest, while we waited more joined our group, and soon the space out side the station was a swarm ships resembling bees round a hive. We were all in cheep T1 cruisers namely because we had a habit of dying not always quickly, but i can safely say no one was expecting to make it back to the station :-)

the call was made and the Hunt was on off through low sec then into null, fully expecting to hit a camp of some sort but surprisingly we didn't, on we went deeper and deeper, it seemed when ever ppl saw local spike everyone hid, this went on for an hour the most action we saw was some gate rats and a bunch of unmanned bubbles, feeling surprised we hadn't died yet we headed back into low sec and sat in a belt advertising our presents hopping for a bite but still nothing.

some of the fleet disbanded as time was working against us, still wanting to shoot something we chased a shuttle back to a station and grouped at the exit waiting for death to strike and strike it did, first a flash red Megathron undocked, we laid into it knowing it was likely to be a trap we got it about half way through its armor when his help turned up, my screen filled with red flashy ships undocking and everyone was a Battle ship of some sort, oh and a super carrier which promptly started to rep the stricken ship, from this point the battle was short and sweet T1 cruisers popping every which way, well we got what we came for we pretty much all died but i did save my pod and my mail box started flashing with the insurance payout so all was not lost. A good night was had by all involved and even though i died again i came away quite pleased with myself, Next time i might try to survive ;-)


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