Friday, 28 January 2011

Gankers Up the anti..

Over the Past few week with the run up to hulkageddon it would appear that gankers are becoming more frequent making it tricky to mine or even haul your valuable salvage or ore's about, this is most apparent in jita where the number of people in local has risen well into the thousands, and undocking from the station becomes the lag fest from hell, with hundreds of ships camping the station exit, to counter these unwanted attacks you have to start looking for alternative ways of getting your goods in and out, this comes in the form of smaller faster ships that can get away quick or flying something so heavily armoured it can survive the gankers onslaught until concord removes the problem, however the latter comes with its own problems as it would seem people that do this sort of ganking think nothing of loosing a battleship or two in the pursuit of a highsec kill.
Even pirates with a -10 security status who normally wouldn't be able to fly a ship in highsec without being instantly set upon by Concord have worked there way round the issue to join in the fun, as explained by fellow blogger of "finders & keepers" (always a good read by the way) although he didn't want to give his secret away, However I suspect his way round this is to fly in with nothing but his flasy red POD and use a neutral orca flying alt to bring in his ganking ships in and another to wait at the gate picking targets for him to warp to, this suspicion confirmed as he removed my comment off his blog shortly I had posted it ;-).

However im not going to wine and bitch about this sort of behaviour, as after all said and done this is a game and people play it however they want and this makes the game what it is and why I love it, there not cheating like people do in other games like battlefield where feckers hack the game to hide in solid objects so you don't see them till you see your blood splattered all over the wall, and there not using a bug or an exploit in the game to swipe your hard earned ISK and although some might curse and whinge and call them every name under the sun, and that dose include myself until I calm down, it dose create some opportunities that wouldn't normally exist, for instance I have recently found myself having some fun with Khan trying to swipe loot from under the noses of these pirates making a snatch and grab and hope I get away before they turn there guns on me this certainly gets the blood pumping and puts a little smile on my face if I succeed, another point to note is with it being harder to get ore in and out of jita its bound to raise the price of ore making our loads more profitable, so there is a bright side to this otherwise dark and tarnished penny

fly safe and fly smart..

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