Sunday, 20 March 2011

Offer of help from an unlikely source..

If you remember a while back our POS in a C1 Wormhole was destroyed at the time we were rather put out by this, well i say put out this is of corse a polite way of saying we were right P$@*d off, however undeterred buy this set back we continued to recruit and joined an alliance in the hep that we would have help should it happen again, however as you can see in more recent posts this didn't work so well as it seems they didn't like war decs, and we were politely asked to leave.

Well as you may have seen we recently ran into some grievers with the sole purpose of hassling us till the corp closes, well this has basically happened as ppl have left because they couldn't make isk, However this is not the reason for this post, the reason was because i was contacted buy someone offering help dealing with these guys from an unlikely source, a chap called Parious Mehoff from the corp (Member of the Galactic Collective), yes thats right the guys that took our POS down were offering to help us :-) i must say this took me back a bit as these guys were the last people i would expect to get help from, we had quite an interesting chat and although we didn't need help right at this moment they have offered to help us up in the future if required setting us to a blue status :-)

it just goes to show you can make new friends in the most unlikely of circumstances  and being an industrial corp having PVP friends you can call upon is always helpful, so cheers guys. 

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  1. We're just trying to lull you into a false sense of security.... oh crap, that wasn't my inside voice, was it....