Thursday, 31 March 2011

If only Life was more like EVE...

Like many others who play EVE it becomes a way of life, I get up, I go to work, I come home and plug into EVE, im sure many can relate to this, EVE has become my life away from life, somewhere that can chat with my friends play and make virtual money to buy more shiny ships to play in, im also lucky that my fiancé stormo plays EVE to as it also becomes a way of spending time with her when I cant be there in person as my real life work keeps me away :-( well for the time being till I can find something else nearer. for other it must be hard finding eve time while partners and family are also fighting for attention.

If only real life could be as simplistic as EVE where if you need money you can go mine or run some complexes shooting bad guys or completing missions, where if you die you just wake up in a fresh new body, where your home is only determined by where all your stuff is, and travelling light years becomes as easy as using a jump gate, although travel in eve could be made easier as im sure anyone who fly's an Orca or freighter for that matter would know, the thought of jumping 34 jumps can fill you with dread and take just as long as actually driving from Bristol to London.

Some times its easy to forget its just a game, filled with other people also just playing, but that having been said, there aren't many games out there that I am still playing regularly for nearly 2 years, many are like an iPhone game you buy it you play it for a few weeks then never touch it again.

Fly Safe..

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