Monday, 14 March 2011

Golden Angels of War is closing ..

This is a sad day for me, stormo and metogo as we are being forced to close down our corp. Golden Angels of War, we joined Met as he is a good friend of ours and we have been playing the game together for a long time and have followed each other through 3 different corps now, the latter being a corp. that Met himself started, but sadly due to a greifer and known Corp thief called "Wisebudda" we are having to call it a day, for some reason because we wouldn't let this baby join our corp. (presumably to steal from our Wormhole Hangers) he hired a merc corp. to War dec us and keep the Dec up permanently until I presume the corp. has collapsed, this meant our members couldn't do anything without being harassed and followed, this sort of game play I find is just pure evil, even pirates that roam low sec or gank at higesec gates have more honour and respects than this guy, hell I even respect people that can flip miners more, after all lets face it EVE is a game and why do we play it? its because we enjoy playing, however stalking another player like persistent sex pest till they feel like quitting the game altogether doesn't have any honour or merit at all, He claims to be an expert PVP player yet all we have seen him do is watch our Wormhole POS and only attack us when we are trying to mine or in some other defenceless state.

So as this guy doesn't seem to Have a Life of any sort other than to harass us we have closed down our Wormhole operations and will be closing the Corp, Metogo has left the Corp to set one up with the soul purpose to hunt and harass this guy like he did us, he hopes to attract some good PVP'ers to help with this task and give prizes for ship kills and POD's that are successfully logged, So if there are any PVP players reading this that fancy hunting Wisebudda and any of his alts I suggest you Look Metogo up and get in contact.

As for storm and I, it looks like we will have to better our mission skills and stock pile some High Sec ores for production purposes.

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