Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And the Race Is On...

Its Offical Khan28 has been registered to compete in Death Race 2 Bath of Blood, run by the eve player and fellow blog writer of eveoganda Rixx Javix.
Khan as you know is my number 2 primarily for pew pew, however since the last death race which he couldnt enter due to lack of skills has been training hard to get the max speed and maneuverability and deadly fire power out of his little ship, what he is flying will remain a guarded secret untill the day, so as not to give any compititon who may be reading this and information.
It should be an exciting race although im none to sure as to what will happen, it would be a sad day if he died 2 or 3 jumps in, however he has a few surprises up his sleeve and hopes to at least get past the finish line in one piece, maybe even win a prise or 2 although im not gona hold my breath. 

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