Friday, 22 July 2011

Battle at WOLF_K162 Part-1...

As you know Sunday we found out our WH Space had been invaded by a Corp Endless Frontiers picking fights with our join occupants Kickass and his corp Evenhorizon International. So Monday Afternoon comes along and I log in to find Eventhorizon int. had been given the option to die horribly or leave (they choose the latter) buy moving all pilots and equipment out, Endless Frontiers then started there negotiations with us by taking Pot-shots at our Tower and giving us the same terms as they did our friends.

I now regretted logging on early as none of my contacts that could give us some help were online meaning this left me little option other than to except there terms and start the laborious task of moving our stuff out. Neither Khan or Icehawk (our permanent Wormhole inhabitants) could fly anything except amarr Ship which was an issue as Cid had a bunch of Caldari vessels in there so I had to negotiate terms on letting Mobious in as he can fly most race ships, this was agreed and I started moving him to the exit location.

Once I was there strict rules were given to me by the enemy one of which was only being able to take POD's or haulers in, anything else and I would be shot and any deals to leave would be off ect. so still not happy with the situation I reluctantly started moving stuff out, recruiting 007 to bring his orca to the exit making the job quicker as there was no station in the exit system to unload in.

During this time Parious MeHoff (A Rare Murderous good guy) from the SORTEK alliance came online and contacted me, so I explained the situation and what I was currently in the process of doing, he immediately told me to stop what I was doing saying that he was on his way, knowing this would instantly cause our shotgun leaving terms to end I continued to move out the expensive stuff that we really didn't want to lose till our buddy was near the system.

Luckily because 007 was still at the exit, once parious was in the system he was able to join fleet with him giving him a warp to point, knowing this I hung back at our POS knowing what was about to go down, then Parious jumped in with the only communication from our invading force being "the War is on" (or something of a similar nature) he quickly started assessing the situation and within no word of a lie managed to gather a 15+ man fleet in about 5 or 10 mins all on there way to help secure the WH and show that Blood_Wolf inc. wasn't alone and that we had friends that weren't going to make it easy for them, unfortunately by this time the evening was getting late and the enemy had started to log off for the night, however the evening ended with our friends jumping reinforcements in to the WH and providing the remainder of the enemy fleet with a rather hilarious mass Wave in Local.

To Be Continued...

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