Sunday, 17 July 2011

Trouble In the Rabbit Hole..

The trouble of only being a small Corp. Is that you don't have a lot of man power to through at a situation, in high sec this doesn't cause a problem however in low sec or in a Worm Hole it dose. We got round this issue by teaming up with a rather friendly likeminded corp and sharing the resources our Worm Hole provides, this has worked out nicely as it gives us higher protection and more eyes to keep a look out, however yesterday someone else decided to mussel in on our plans by sneaking in while we wernt around and online a POS in our little haven.

In the past this hasn't been a problem we have managed to show enough force to make it not worth there while staying, however in this case I can't see that working as they seem to be quite proficient in the art of PVP, this was made apparent when Kickass and his band suffered heavy losses to them :( I'm not sure the diplomatic solution will work out here although I think Kickass is going to contact them and see is something can be worked out.

As readers of this blog knows we have had a POS taken down before and although this was a massive loss we made some unlikely friends out of it, up till now I haven't had to call on them for help but I think that might change as this requires more PVP skill and organisation than I have.

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  1. Thiruvarut Chelvar17 July 2011 at 19:50

    Enjoyed reading some of you blogs, and hurray for internet fame ( even though you didnt include our name ) im on the job of diplomatic relations with you guys so next time i catch you online ill go ahead and contact you if thats alright.

  2. don't forget we're still around :P