Saturday, 2 July 2011

"We Want You"...

Blood Wolfs .inc has now been operational for a number of months now :) we have settled down and got a routine in place :) PhoenixOO7 and his merry band has dominated the mining scene in the sector of space he wiping out belts with amazing speed, while myself and storm have been hitting the missions like there's no tomorrow resulting in getting lvl 4 missions with 2 local NPC corps the reason being so we can offer corp mates access to do some higher level missions without the grind of working from the bottom.

We have decided that it's now a good time to open the doors and accept some new blood into the pack and grow our ranks, hopefully we will find some keen industrial types who Wana join our merry band, obviously we will be taking it slowly and get to know people first as we don't want to fall into the same trap that we did with GAOW where we made our selves targets to infiltrators ending in the demise of the ill fated Angels,

Anyone wanting to join us feel free to drop into the in game Channel The_Wolf_Den and say hi.

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  1. My bad I made a slight typo our in game channel is The_Wolf_Den not pack lol I have corrected the post