Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wheres The Keys??...

I'm an avid Mac User i have been for a long time right back to 1996 when i got my first Apple Mac Performa which was eventually Apples all in one computer just before the launch of the iMac, My currant Shiny new Mac Book pro Plays EVE in all its high graphic spender however i have noticed a few things that let it down not so much because I'm running EVE on a Mac but more because of the way CCP port it from one platform to the other for instance Key Combinations, for the best part most of them work fine however there are a few that don't tie up with the ingame list which i assume is from the PC version, Most Notably is the one for taking an ingame screen shot, according to the key list its the PrtScrn button, the only problem is on a Mac there is no PrtScrn button :-( this is most annoying as i so want to be able take lovely full screen Shot of my Ships to make Wallpapers and such with. Is there any EVE Mac users out there that have gotten round this problem??


  1. I have Finally found out how to Take screen shots using cmd+shift+4 works a treat

  2. You did better than i did i tryed to google it but couldnt find anything :P