Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hidden Beauty..

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Carriers, things like what I would like to fly what race etc. this got me thinking about the Fighters and Fighter Bombers that you use as you main source of DPS these small craft that go largely unseen mostly due to there either being depicted at a distance as little crosses or crosses with coloured boxes round them, nobody sees them up close but when you do they are a thing of beauty.

these are ships in there own right not like there drone counterparts, I would love to get behind the flight stick of one of these bad boys and take it out for a spin rather than remotely control there behaviour and flight pattern from the safety of your command carrier, it would be awesome.

Maybe CCP should introduce some sort of game mechanic where you could personally take control of one of these fighters and fly it 3rd person style with the remaining fighters following your lead and if your ship gets shot down you return to the bridge of your carrier, oh the fun that could be had :-).

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