Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gereral Ponderings while chewing on a Rock...

The Past week has been a bit of a quiet one as there havent been any alliance roams goin on, so i have been content on chewing on some astorids building on my nicly growing stock pile of Ores so i can become the Master builder i have always dreamed of :-) sitting in an astorid belt chewing up rocks give a man plenty of time to think about what Ship to train up fo next..

I have decided that my next ship plan should move towards a Carrier of some sort however my choice is not such a simple one as i really like the thanatos & Nyx but i also quite like the Chimera or even the Minmatar Nidhoggur, Im wadering if anyone has any thoughts as to whats the Best Carrier to go for or at least some plus's and minuses for each to make my disition and skill que direction easyer?

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