Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Ok So yesterday we had a Fail in our Worm Hole security, first was taking the wrong ship to the party  second was the party playing dirty and us not having the correct equipment to counteract there attack plan.

It all started with our CEO Taking a pot shot at a visitor that popped his head in our wormhole sending him packing, this must have enraged the guy who then later that evening re-appeared disturbing our mining effort this time with some friends, we tried to show some force by warping to the WH with a zealot and a drake where we were faced with our disgruntled friend in a Helios and his buddies in a hound and a Loki, I was unable to hit the hound that was munching at my shields due to his tight orbit, I managed to force the Helios to jump out then the Loki appeared this was to much for my zealot and as I started to bleed into structure I made my exit out the WH into highsec, leaving stormo in her drake who was finding the same problem as me and now with lack of support and the constant bumping of the Loki was forced to jump out as well.

Angered at our fail thinking that me might have been able plan that better we sat it out in a station making repairers waiting for them to get bored allowing us safe passage back into the wormhole, after the fuss had died down we made our way back and carried on with our mining plans, when in popped our disgruntled buddy in his Helios again, this time I planned to try a slightly more stealthy approach and try to make some bombing runs this time he had brought a Vagabond along for the ride and a catalyst, now I had never had the opportunity to try out bombing before but I had done a fair bit of reading up about it things like making your run with a celestial body in line ready to warp as soon as you drop the bomb and to aim for the centre of the WH rather than the player as your more likely to miss them if there not stationary etc.
now there was only me and storm and brando online and only myself and Stormo could fly stealth bombers unfortunately different races, this unfortunately meant we couldn't send the bombs of together as one would destroy the other, anyway brando had been toying with them drawing them close to the WH entrance then I started my bombing run this went off to plan and must have done some damage as a friend had to jump in to rep him, we tried this a few times but due to the time between runs and only 2 stealth bombers plus lack of bombs we had to call off the attack.

At this point brando cam across coms saying he was under heavy fire and that he was unable to exit back out the WH as the vaga kept bumping him off jump out distance, so quickly re-shipping I jumped into my legion knowing I had a good tank and fair DPS might get somewhere to killing the vagabond, unfortunately brando bit the big one as I arrived but managed to get his pod out as I started laying into the vaga, however this is where they started to play dirty as they had managed to sneak a falcon in without us knowing who then preceded to ECM me blocking my ability to target and keep the hurt coming, so unable to shoot and the constant bumping of the vaga to try and get me off my tight orbit of the WH, I called off Stormo from jumping in and made my exit for a second time and again waited it out in highsec till the heat was gone, by this time it was getting late so we logged for the evening

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