Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I feel a Disturbance in the Force..

One Thing about living in a Wormhole is the lack of Local, this effectively renders the occupants unaware of any possible hostile force that could be present, this makes mining Grav Sites and killing sleepers a particularly risky exorcise knowing you could be jumped at any moment, Trust me we have lost many ships to this practise, your only saving grace is your Directional Scanner, with this you can detect any uncloaked ship within scan range, and now with the latest expansion you can add probes easily to your overview, probes of curse being the only tell tail sign that you have a visitor in the system preparing to ruin your day.
This Very situation happened to us last night as we were happily mining chewing our way threw a recently spawned Grav site when all of a sudden we noticed 7 scan probes out, after a quick shout out in corp. chat it became apparent it wasn't anyone from our corp., so a hasty retreat back to the POS was made and we both swapped ships and started looking for the owner of said probes, in many cases nothing comes from this as the owner is normally cloaked or sitting at the WH entrance ready to jump out at the first sign of danger, we did the usual of checking the exit while storm jumped round the planets hopping to uncloak the nasty beggar who disturbed our mining opp.
This went on for about 20 minuets, we would notice the probes moving around or catch the odd glimpse of him on directional and then disappear, he was in a cheater so we knew the chances of capturing him was slim as we could fly right by him and not even know as he is more than likely cloaked at some unknown distance from a celestial, when all of a sudden storm noticed him drop out of war 60km away from her near a planet, we had to quickly devise a plan of attack as we knew he would either cloak or warp off at the first sign of trouble.
So Stormo aligned to him and started burning in his direction cloaked while myself and Brando re-shipped, Brando in a drake and myself in a fast quick locking claw, the plan was for storm to get within range and me and Brando to warp in me to instantly lock & point him and everyone else unleash Hell upon our victim.
However the plan got sprung a bit premature when Brando in his excitement of the moment hit warp when Stormo was still about 30km away from the guy, knowing I was faster in warp and flight with a Microwarp fitted I followed in hot pursuit with the hope of being able to traverse the distance quicker and get point so he couldn't escape, as luck would have it our victim must have had his head buried in Map view scanning and not notice that his cloaked had dropped and we were closing in on his position, as I dropped out of warp I quickly got lock as I sped towards him and once in range I dropped a point on him, we lit him up like a Christmas tree and he was soon POD bound, I managed to point his POD before he could warp off and sent him home via or POD-U-Express service..
Happy with ourselves and the buzz of the kill still cursing through our vanes we collected our loot and headed back to the POS to resume our mining operations..

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