Monday, 20 December 2010

S.O.S POS down...

Firstly I must apologize for my lack of posts over the past week, this has been due to a busy RL week and a situation that went on in our worm hole, before you say it i know that's no excuse but hey give a guy a chance.

So here we are minding our own business doing what we do best in our little corner of WH space, We decide to leave the wormhole for a short time to hit some complexes hard with the intention of stockpiling some salvage to make rigs and stuff with when just as we are getting started we start getting info messages stating our POS is under attack, now first we think its just a random bunch taking pot shots that is until we get the second one, thinkin this didn't look or sound good we started making the 17 jumps back the the WH, Now this situation had taken us completely off guard, I have been in WH's for over a year before we tried out Null and although we had ppl take the odd pot shot we never had a real threat.

Anyway being a bit cautious not knowing what was going to confront us on the other side the the worm hole i didnt fancy taking the legion in so i left that in high and opted for a fast interceptor, i jumped in and avoided the bubbles that had been set up and jumped to the POS and frantically started trying to online some of the defenses we had offlined to run the refinery, i was totally shocked at the amount of ships this group had in here shooting at us, never having been in this situation before we were a bit unsure what to do, we tried taking some of them on but failed there numbers were to great and ours to small, Storm and i stayed on till 6am as we tried different things but in the end we had to crash it seem there was nothing we could do to flip the situation.

we resided to the fact that we had lost this and nothing was going to change that, the best we could do was get out what we could without dieing, so first thing after DT i logged in, with no one in sight or online i started to empty the ship hanger of its content taking them out to highsec by this time the POS was in reenforced so nothing in the hanger could be grabbed all i cld do was get what ships i could out i was helped as other corp members started loggin in, to cut a log story short the POS went down once the reinforcement finished but as a last sign of our defiance and anger we decided to line up what ships we couldn't get out and self destruct them one at a time creating some rather pretty explosions, i should have taken some screen shots ;-),  anyway we weren't letting these buggers get anything we couldn't take, it was a rather sullen weekend and spent the rest of the week frustrated and angry out in highsec making pathetic ISK doing complexes lol.

anyway lets hope things pick up, we will have to make preparations encase this happens again..



    is that a picture enough? :P